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  • Existential Counselor Society
  • Existential Counselor Society
    is an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility located at 2319 Manhattan Road Joliet, IL. 60433 and can be contacted by calling 708-609-3103. Existential Counselor Society offers treatment services for Alcoholism, Prescription Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Addiction

    Treatment Services Offered: Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, Residential Short-Term Treatment for Alcoholism, Dual Diagnosis, Men, DUI - DWI Offenders, Court Appointed Client Services
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  • Treatment of convicted drinking drivers normally emphasizes modifying drinking behavior; the type and duration of treatment generally depends on factors such as the severity of the individual's drinking problem and DUI (driving under the influence) history.
  • 10-15% of drinkers will become alcoholic. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not an addictive drug. Only a small percentage of drinkers will develop a physiological dependency on alcohol.
  • A government study published in 2007 found that nearly half of students with "mostly D's and F's" report binge drinking.
  • Alcohol in moderation has been known to increase digestion, but this may be due to its relaxing effect; in higher "doses", alcohol can cause inflammation of the stomach lining, which is one of the primary reasons that an individual may experience heartburn and nausea the day after a bout with binge drinking.